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Five Reasons to Try Online Dating
Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Traditional dating falls short when compared to online dating

With the fast pace of most people life many people are finding their way to online dating servies.  Many people, myself included, have become frustrated with the traditional methods of dating and with more and more people exploring the world of online dating it is not hard to find a success story very close to you.

Lets not jump in with blinders on, there are many way you can be decieved or mislead while online dating, but I will list five reasons why you might want to try this new method of dating that is exploding in our society.

1. Get to know the real person. With the many different methods of communication use in the online dating industry you are more likely to know the person in less time.  Most people are more likely to express who they really are through writing, blogging and other means of online dating communication.

2. Fall in love with the real person.By getting to know the real person right away you are more likely to fall in love with someone you are compatible with.  Many times in traditional dating people put on fronts and try to be who they think you want them to be.

3. Keep your money in your pocket. Online dating can save you a lot of money on dating.  Typically you are able to get to know someone for awhile via the Internet and decide if this is someone for you.   In the traditional dating world you can spend a lot of money going on first dates with people that you really have no business dating.

4. Be Yourself.There is no doubt that it is easier to be yourself behind the screen for many people.  It may take you four or five traditional dates before you are able to take your guard down in front of someone.  Internet dating often allows you to get to know someone much quicker than traditional dating.

5. True love at FIRST SIGHT.  After getting to know someone for awhile through Internet dating methods, your first date may be loaded with true fireworks.  By getting to know who someone before meeting face to face can lead to an incredible first date!

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Real Slick, Ace
Tuesday, November 1, 2011

One of the biggest hurdles in meeting new people and in dating is self-confidence.  Sorry – one of the biggest hurdles for ME is self-confidence.  If you’ve got no problem getting your strut on, props to you!  (Not that you need them.)  But for the rest of us, social anxiety, awkwardness, fear of rejection, a bad hair day, previous romantic mishaps, and regular old shyness can really inhibit the love-finding (or lust-finding, no judgement) process.  In the tradition of ‘fake it till you make it,’ I’ve provided you with some tips below that, while not guaranteed to make you confident, will at least help you appear that way.  You’re welcome.

  1. You missed the first tip!  See above how I said I was going to help you and then I said, “You’re welcome,” but you had never even said thank you?  Confident people don’t NEED to be thanked.  The next time you provide someone with information (directions, a tip, the location of the restroom) smile like a cool cat and go, “You’re welcome,” like instead of directions you just gave them the meaning of life.  It’s funny.  Funny is confident.  But don’t do this if like, you work at a restaurant and you’re bringing people their food because it just comes off as snarky like you’re telling them they should have thanked you.
  2. Stick an ace card in your back pocket.  It’s silly but it works.  Ace is the highest status.  Kings and Queens are pretty high but they always know there’s someone slightly higher (either Oprah or God, depending on what you believe).  An Ace has no one to answer to therefor they don’t need to prove anything.  The mental image will put some swagger in your step.
  3. Wear sexy underwear.  I know, it seems like a waste when no one but you will probably see it and you have to hand wash it.  But feeling like you have a sexy secret in your pants creates instant mojo.  Plus, confidant that you’re looking good down under boosts the probability of you being open to opportunities to show off your goods (if you want to, no judgement).
  4. Flirting can be hard.  I’m so charming until someone I care about is in front of me.  Instead of focusing on him or her, imagine you’re  doing a photo shoot the poster of your new movie, “She’s So Complicated,” or, “He Gets Charming When He Sucks Toothpicks.”  Pose, smile, laugh – you’re the star!  People love stars.
  5. Speaking of toothpicks, stick one in your kisser and watch your attitude go from 3 to 10.  I don’t know why, maybe the cool guy association or that it gives me something to do, but when I gnaw a pick I get real badass.  People love badasses.  (Just careful trying to flip it all the way over – you don’t want it to get wedged between the roof of your mouth and your tongue thus propping your mouth wide open.  Painful and NOT cool).
  6. Don’t laugh at every third thing you find funny.  People will find it unpredictable and unnerving and when people are unnerved they are less confident and then they think you are MORE confident.  But laugh at some things because you’re not a robot loser.
  7. Also, be yourself.  (I threw it in because I’m sure it’s true.  It’s just when I’m super shy I can’t always summon myself to show up and hang out.  But give it a shot!)

You’re welcome.

While technology has made nearly everything faster, easier and more available, it has definitely impaired our social abilities. Online dating is a great way to immerse yourself in the dating game, however moving beyond the computer can be difficult for many users. Read these articles on how to handle your first meeting in order to have a smooth first encounter with your online dating match!
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Jeanne Bowyer writes for a Hudson Valley weddings site for real weddings, reviews and inspiration from local wedding business resources.


With an abundance of advice pertaining to wedding night shenanigans out there, it’s no surprise that many couples go into the occasion with a mixture of excitement and nervousness. What if it’s not as great as you were hoping? What if something goes wrong? The simple truth is that wedding nights usually work out very nicely indeed. However, it can be really helpful to keep the following points in mind as you start your married life together. Whatever you do, do not…

…get so drunk you pass out.

Having a little to drink on your wedding night is completely appropriate if you want to, but getting completely drunk can cause enormous problems – at the very least, with your new spouse. Drunken behavior can range from the amusing to the downright dangerous and usually falls somewhere in between the two. Ending up in hospital with alcohol poisoning will not be an ideal event for the wedding scrapbook; neither will a tipsy argument with a bridesmaid. Alcohol is by nature a depressant and after a hectic day, imbibing too much can be a recipe for disaster.

…break your ankle.

Be careful – and be aware that your nerves and your energy will most likely be shot by the evening! Stairs are a hazard and wedding dresses can trip you up if you’re not careful. If you’re feeling a little woozy, get someone to help you. Don’t end up in the ER!

…forget your passport.

If you’re going on honeymoon the night of the wedding or the morning after, forgetting your passport is the last thing you want to do. It has been known to happen, however – so double and triple check your bags before you leave to avoid panic and last minute running about – or worse.

…get sick.

This is easier said than done, but a vitamin C supplement can help. Try to avoid sick people in the days running up to your wedding (unless they’re your future spouse or children, of course) and if you feel tired, have a lie down. Take care of yourself and you’ll have a much better chance of staying well.

…have an argument.

With tensions so high, it’s no wonder arguments happen. Don’t let your union be one of the unlucky few that start with a spat. Breathe, try not to take silly comments personally and remember, you’re there to look out for one another and be a soft place to fall when times get rough. Hugs are vital!

…ruin your wedding outfit.

This can be very difficult to avoid if the weather is bad, though a trip to the dry cleaners can work wonders. If you can, try to be prepared for sticky situations . If you’re going to be drinking red wine and are wearing a white wedding dress, a special reception outfit can be a lifesaver…

…overeat at the reception.

The food may be good, but feeling totally bloated is definitely not! If you know you’re in danger of overeating, ask someone to chaperone you at your reception…

…not get any alone time.

With the attention focused completely on you, it can be very hard to get any privacy at your own wedding! However, make a point of escaping every now and again for a little chat and some alone time with your significant other. You’ll feel less stressed and more connected on the day.

…get to the hotel too late to check in.

This has really happened! If you fear you’re in danger of getting to your suite later than the helpdesk opening time, consider checking in before the reception begins. Naturally if you are holding the reception at the same hotel, this isn’t such a big issue.

…expect too much.

Lastly, weddings are notoriously exhausting. If you find you’re just too tired to do anything but cuddle up with a movie, don’t feel bad. Love is the main reason you’ve married your spouse, after all. Plus there’s always the next morning…

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